TouchMatters -- I chose this name for my business because I believe it speaks of a truth and a power more significant than the words themselves. TouchMatters is a belief, and a truth. From a new born child to the most senior members of our community we all need and know the value of touch to thrive and grow. We touch each other in numerous ways. A smile from a stranger when we have felt alone. The hope filled laughter of small children. The compassionate touch of one heart to another when grief is visited upon us. The soothing touch of skilled hands when our bodies ache from the trials and bruises that life has given us.

Minds touching, revealing the greatness we have to offer others. Consider the experiences you have had in your own life that touched and invited you to be your ”full size” to be truly seen.
Touch does matter. It helps us to feel connected with our own hearts and with the hearts of others. Touch can offer respite, safety, and solace.

Matters and manners of life touch us daily to remind us who we are and what we have to offer each other. Over the years in my clinical practice, I have witnessed many times the positive and enduring effects of touch.


My journey into health care began with an Honours Bachelor degree in Physical Education (H.B.P.E.). As fortune would have it I received a therapeutic massage treatment to address 15 years of chronic pain I developed following a winter activity injury where I broke 2 vertebrae in my lower back and my coccyx . I knew at once the healing ability of touch and continued my education at Sutherland & Chan School and Teaching Clinic where I graduated as a Registered Massage Therapist (1990).

Upon completion of my certification I was invited to join the teaching staff where I assisted students in effectively combining their theoretical knowledge with clinical skills. It was here that my love to empower individuals through knowledge began.

I have been in clinical practice since 1990 where my approach to client care has and continues to be a combination of skill, experience and education. I continue to explore new methods to add to my skill set offering the best solutions for the clients I see.


H.B.P.E., R.M.T., I.M.T.P.

  • Honours Bachelor of Physical Education ( H.B.P.E.), Lakehead University (1987).
  • Registered Massage Therapist ( R.M.T.), Sutherland & Chan School and Teaching Clinic ( 1990).
  • Instructor at Sutherland & Chan School (1993- 2000)
  • Past presenter at the Ontario Massage Therapist Association annual conference.
  • Certified N.I.S.A practitioner.
  • Integrative Manual Therapy Practitioner (I.M.T.P.)
  • Member of Canadian Massage Therapy Alliance (CMTA)
  • Member of College of Massage Therapists of Ontario (CMTO)
  • Member of Ontario Massage Therapists Association ( OMTA)

Post graduate education:

Craniosacral Therapy 1


Craniosacral Therapy 2


Onsite Massage

(C. Sutherland)

NISA basic course

(J. Loving)

Muscle Energy

(G. Sprague)

NISA Certification

(J. Loving)


SCS1 SCS: Orthopedic, Neurologic/Geriatric
SCS2 SCS2: Autonomic Nervous System
MET1 MET: Pelvis, Sacrum, Cervical, Thoracic
MET3 IMT: Low back and Lower Quadrant
IMT IMT: Double Crush Synd: Upper Quadrant
CTS1 Cranial Therapy Series 1
NTT2 Advanced Neural Tissue Tension Technique
CTS2 Cranial Therapy Series 2
CTS 3 Cranial Therapy Series 3
MFR1 MFR:Orthopedic, Neurologic, Pediatric & Geriatric
IDS1 Integrative Diagnostics Series 1
VMET1 Visceral Mobilization Gastrointestinal System
BANM Biologic Analogs for Neural Mobilization
IDAP1 Integrative Diagnostics for Applied Psychsynthesis
CTS4 Cranial Therapy Series 4
IDS2 Integrative Diagnostics Series 2
COMPS1 Upper Extremity Compression Syndromes
COMPS2 Lower Extremity Compression Syndromes
MFR2 Myofascial Mapping
VMET2 IMT for trtmt of Women’s/Men’s Health Issues
IDS3 Integrative Diagnostics Series 3
CTSA1 CTSA1: Postural Reflexes (CTS5)
BACM Biologic Analogs for Circulation Mobilization
LYMPH1 The Lymphatic System, level 1
IDPEDS Children and Diagnostics
VMETCH Cardiac Habilitation
BMRSPEC Biomechanical Regulators
LYMPH2 The Lymphatic System, Level 2
IDAP2 Integrative Diagnostics: Letting go of Fear
PFM The Introduction to Digestive System,Pancreas
PFM Introduction to the Liver
PFM Stress and Renal Related PFM, Kidney
PFM Introduction to PFM and the Immunity Series
ADJTH Adjustment Therapy: Ball Biomechanics
LYMPH3 Pancreas and Heart
BABN Bone Function: Motion Palpation, Dysfunction
  Buteyko Breathing Technique
  HeartMath Introduction Course
  OMTA Conference: Introduction to Laser Therapy
  OMTA Conference: Massage Therapy Research
  OMTA Conference: New Directions in the Profession
  Spiraldynamiks: cervical,trunk, pelvis, extremities
  Matrix Manual Therapy (MMT) MaryJane Porter, RMT,CST,IMTC,FMIC



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