Hello my name is Sandra McCarthy. Welcome to Touchmatters.

Touchmatters is a therapy practice offering each individual who is seeking care with me, a unique rehabilitative approach to injury, pain and stress resiliency.

Many individuals have come to me for massage therapy or IMT for treatment of recurrent injuries, unresolved pain or to proactively combat the negative effects of stress in their lives. Combining extensive post graduate education and clinical experience I use a variety of therapeutic tools to achieve the desired outcomes.


  • Is a unique approach to soft tissue pain and joint dysfunction. In both the assessment and treatment, IMT is the use of specialized palpation skills and subtle soft tissue manipulations affecting areas of diminished connective tissue mobility and reduced circulatory flow. In this way the underlying causes of pain and disability are identified.
  • Chronic pain or recurrent pain is an indication that the cause has not been addressed.
  • All structures, systems and processes of your body operate in an interdependent fashion. In other words everything is connected.
  • The awareness of this relationship is at the heart of the IMT approach to pain and disability.

Your First Visit

When we experience pain or dysfunction we naturally assume that the cause of the pain is in the same location as the pain itself. This is rarely the case. Each of us is composed of structures, systems and processes that when we are in pain, requires support and assistance to overcome it.

The IMT approach recognizes this unique interrelationship and it is from this perspective that an assessment and treatment plan are developed.



Health History Form (pdf file, 132Kb)

Informed Consent (pdf file, 74 Kb)


What you can expect:

  • Health History information is gathered and discussed.
  • Physical Assessment:
    • Postural Assessment
    • Assessment of Joint Mobility & Soft Tissues
    • Myofascial Mapping
    • Assessment of Physiologic Rhythms (motilities)
  • A review of the assessment findings with you.
  • Development of a treatment plan with your goals in mind.

If you are seeking therapy for a specific complaint(s) these are the choices for your first visit:

  • 60 minutes is the full assessment and discussion of the findings, treatment begins at the next session.
  • 90 minutes allows for a full assessment and with the time remaining, start the treatment of your complaint.
  • 2 hours allows for a full assessment and a full hour of treatment time.

Levels of Care TouchMatters Offers

Wellness Promotion Care

In the absence of a clinical condition or unresolved pain this level of care using a combination of IMT and therapeutic massage truly is wellness promotion and proactive in nature.

Rehabilitative Care

This level of care addresses the causes of a specific condition, injury or unresolved pain. The primary focus is to identify and treat the compromised structures, systems or processes that have created disruptions within the system.

Concussion Care

This level of care supports the healing process of mild traumatic brain injuries. By addressing the trauma forces, assisting in optimizing circulatory flow in the brain and spinal cord, some of the common symptoms often experienced with this type of injury can be lessened or eliminated.

The therapies that I use in my practice range from:

"Another unique feature of this perspective to rehabilitative care is addressing the “breakdowns” in the various systems (muscular, respiratory, digestive, cardiovascular, etc.) which have resulted in pain and dysfunction. This helps to answer the why of an injury or pain.

Is Touchmatters right for you?

If you are looking for a skilled massage therapist with years of experience.
If you are looking for a therapeutic approach to address current or unresolved
injuries or pain.
If you are looking for an Integrative Manual Therapist (IMT).
If you are looking for a Cranial Therapist.
✓ If you are looking for a therapy that is comprehensive.
✓ If you are looking for a therapist that is supportive of your recovery process.

Sandra McCarthy, H.B.P.E., R.M.T., I.M.T.P.
Registered Massage Therapist